Rehabilitation therapist

Hello there!
My name is Diana.
I am a rehabilitation therapist.

I specialize in rehabilitation after injuries and various pathologies, I work with patients with cerebral palsy and other neurological diseases.

In addition, I am skilled at various rehabilitation methods, such as medical massage and kinesiology taping.

I receive patients of completely different age categories, but I get along especially well with children, so they are my main patient group.

As a child and teenager, I was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics and received the title of Master of Sports. Later at the university, I joined the aesthetic gymnastics team. Initially, I planned to become a coach, but after learning about the profession of a rehabilitation therapist, I decided to enter the university at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports. I was so interested in the culture of the human body and its capabilities, so then I realized that this was my calling.

After I chose the profession of a rehabilitation therapist, I embarked on a long journey of learning.
I set myself the goal of becoming a highly qualified specialist and received two educations - sports and medical.

Now my sports background helps me a lot in medical practice. Acquired knowledge about the structure and work of the body allows me to choose the most appropriate rehabilitation methods for a particular problem.

I have an extensive experience: a children’s city polyclinic and a private clinic, my own private medical practice and the Morozov Children's City Clinical Hospital, where I worked with large number of patients with various diseases and diagnoses. In the children's hospital, I gained a particularly valuable experience, as I worked there with patients from completely different departments: traumatology, general and thoracic surgery, resuscitation and intensive care, oncology, neurosurgery, neurology, rheumatology, endocrinology, pulmonology, pediatrics and genetic diseases.

At the moment, I am also a trainer of the Moscow Mayor's project "Moscow Longevity" for active older people.

I really love my job and my patients, so I always strive for new knowledge, improve my skills and keep breast of the latest rehabilitation technologies.

Feel free to contact me!
I will always be glad to help you.
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